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The First Review for Dream Team


  • DREAM TEAM: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles and the Greatest Team of All-Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever

“ … what makes this volume a must-read for nostalgic hoopsters are the robust portraits of the outsized personalities, all of whom were remarkably open with McCallum, both then and now. Remember, these were rock stars 20 years ago, the best players on their respective teams. But for a couple months they put ego aside, didn’t gripe about playing time, and hung out in a Barcelona hotel together, playing cards and talking trash. McCallum was there for much of it and expands his recollections with contemporary interviews with the participants.”

Praise for Seven Seconds or Less

“There’s so much inside NBA stuff in there that you have to read it if you love the league.”—Bill Simmons, ESPN

“I can’t remember ever enjoying a basketball book more. And a certain NBA type tells me he’s advising NBA players to read it to learn more about the league.”—Henry Abbott, creator of TrueHoop the ESPN blog

“A season story beautifully told through the educated eyes and deft prose of Jack McCallum.”—Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports

“An account … that gives readers the most detailed view yet of what really transpires to make, or break, and NBA team. Fascinating, even for those of us who get a glimpse into the inner sanctum …”—Mike Monroe, San Antonio Express-News

“Even for someone like myself who is immersed in the NBA, there’s plenty to learn.”—Lang Whitaker, Slam

“One of the best NBA books I’ve read, and I’m pretty sure I have read them all.”—Chris McCosky, Detroit News

“ …charts a tumultuous arc with skill and wit and, above all, a remarkable eye for memorable, telling detail.”—Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star 

“A timeless and thoroughly compelling all-access book.”—Jamie Mottram, Mr. Irrelevant